Monday, 26 May 2014

Ashley wood's "Dirty Deeds Bertie" in lego

As I've said before, I love ASHLEY WOOD's art and his figures produced by THREEA.
Some of his figures are hard to get, selling too fast or are just too damn scarce, and
"Dirty Deeds Bertie" is one of those figures.
I had to have one, so I made one from good old lego. He's about 4.5 inches tall and I had to modify some of the lego used (e.g. the body and head dome have been painted etc.). He has posable arms, a big gun and a meat cleaver thrown in for good measure. He also has the Bertie mk1's little legs which I think are pretty cool (and slightly disturbing). On-line pictures of Angus MacLane's lego Bertie helped with the pouch belt, check him out!
While not perfect, it's probably as close as I'll get to owning one of those
bad ass bots!


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